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{fit to be tied: follow up}


In response to my post from earlier this month:
{fit to be tied}

Ladies and gentlemen, I did it.

I rocked a necktie, for an entire day.

It was great!
Actually, I think for the first time in my life I was jealous of men and their tie-wearing ease.
Fleeting jealousy, it was.

So here was my Saint Patrick’s Day 2012 outfit:

saint patrick's day fashion, women wearing neckties, green skinny tie, skinny tie, girl wearing tie, green tie

Slightly awkward.. Green beer in hand would help this picture tremendously.

Keys to rocking a necktie confidently:
1) Go bold, go bright: choose a tie/blouse/blazer which is a color you wear well, or a in traditionally feminine color
2) Dress it up: over do the accessories which scream you (in my case, hair-clip + statement ring + bangles)
3) Details, people: I chose this top over a seersucker pink button down because of the plaid cuffs and collar. Wearing the tie at a looser fit also made this a winner for me.

And I’d love to work some bow ties in there too, if I could find the perfect pattern.

Until next time, get out there and try something new! You might just like it.


{fit to be tied}


Being as I work in a Men’s Clothing Store,
I see a lot of neckties come and go.

And a lot of them, I AM IN LOVE WITH.

So I wear them around the store and then return them to their proper place with the other manly accessories.
I’ve just been far too timid to wear one from morning to night, purposefully.

Fear, be gone.

After reading a terrific post, here,
I’ve been inspired to work ties into my wardrobe either as a sassy necklace alternative,
or (as you’ll see in the wonderful YouTube tutorial below)
as a rather chic belt inspired by Pretty Little Liars.

Moreover, I’ve recently placed an order to have dozens of beautiful slender neckties delivered to The Alley.
Ties which, I know females and males a like won’t be able to say no to.
And when they do, I’ll be comfortable wearing mine in either an adorable tomboy or confident prep-ster fashion.

women in ties, woman wearing a tie, necktie fashion, woman in necktie

tomboy, preppy fashion, women wearing tie
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preppy fashion, women wearing neckties, women in ties
unique fashion, women wearing neckties, necktie fashion, women men's ties

women wearing ties, preppy fashion, women in neckties
necktie belt, men's ties, women wearing ties, fashion ties

Watch this gem….

Genius!: Easy way to wear Neckties as Belts

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

How long has it been since you tried something out of your comfort zone?

More ideas on how to rock ties or other menswear? I’d love to see them!