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{flavors of fall: part III}


To finalize my series of the best & brightest of the fall season,
I bring you my favorite ‘to-dos’.

As much as I wish I was, I’m no domestic diva.
Cooking is a serious endeavor,
and there isn’t a paint-related task in existence
which I can complete in a day.

Still–the creativity, smells, sights and adventure that
fall lends are really quite comforting.
Something about the spicy-goodness and crisp air  makes friends,
family and the great-outdoors almost magnetic.

Whether you plan to turn over a new leaf (cheesy–I know),
or revisit old past times,
I hope that you make the most of autumn.

Pumpkin Patches & Haunted Houses

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Picking a Halloween Costume

{The Best Costume ideas for 2011}

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Throwing a Halloween Party

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More decoration ideas.
Spooky Halloween treat inspiration.

Brushing up on Baking

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Visiting Family & Friends

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Football & Tailgating

{Don’t show up to a tailgate or football party empty handed}

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Revamping your Wardrobe & Home

(Candles! Resale! Martha Stewart!)

{Literally, the tastiest scent to ever hit fall}

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{Wardrobe help?}

Resale Clothing, Cleaning Out your Closet, Fall Wardrobe, Fall favorites

Feeling the earthy-toned, cold-weather, warm-homed excitement
I brought you back in September?!

Fall festivities.
They’re here people, embrace them.
Not the wimpy half-hearted embrace you save for frenemies & the fragile elderly,
I’m talking about the full fledged bear hug you’ve been holding back.

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Bittersweet autumn.
The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause
between the opposing miseries of summer and winter

{Carol Bishop Hipps}


{fall fetish}


If you’re anything like me, change tends to be an obstacle.
Especially when we’re talking about the weather.

Just when you think you have your routine down and your wardrobe favorites paired to a tee,
the weather turns on you.
For goodness sake, it was pitch black at 8pm tonight.
Not cool.

Now, I don’t have anything against Fall.
It’s a wonderful season in its own way.
It’s just not summer, you know what I mean?

In order to make this transition a little easier, I decided to ponder all the things about fall which I adore.
As it turns out, there are quite a few.

Sneak a peek at some of the treats that you too, will get to enjoy in the coming weeks:

Oh. My. Goodness.
Candy corns?! Black cats and broomsticks!? Wearing layers and layers of earthy tones and country-chic patterns?!

This cold weather switch might just be as easy as a piece of pumpkin pie.
With the help of some spiked-apple cider.
(Stay tuned for more seasonally inspired recipes.)

If you think long and hard, you might just find some stowed excitement for the months ahead.
Care to share your fall faves? I’m all ears.


Seasons greetings, xox.