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{fit to be tied: follow up}


In response to my post from earlier this month:
{fit to be tied}

Ladies and gentlemen, I did it.

I rocked a necktie, for an entire day.

It was great!
Actually, I think for the first time in my life I was jealous of men and their tie-wearing ease.
Fleeting jealousy, it was.

So here was my Saint Patrick’s Day 2012 outfit:

saint patrick's day fashion, women wearing neckties, green skinny tie, skinny tie, girl wearing tie, green tie

Slightly awkward.. Green beer in hand would help this picture tremendously.

Keys to rocking a necktie confidently:
1) Go bold, go bright: choose a tie/blouse/blazer which is a color you wear well, or a in traditionally feminine color
2) Dress it up: over do the accessories which scream you (in my case, hair-clip + statement ring + bangles)
3) Details, people: I chose this top over a seersucker pink button down because of the plaid cuffs and collar. Wearing the tie at a looser fit also made this a winner for me.

And I’d love to work some bow ties in there too, if I could find the perfect pattern.

Until next time, get out there and try something new! You might just like it.


{agriculture couture}


I’ve just spent the last week drenched in fashion.
After a summer filled with the bare necessities, it was such a treat.

Actually, let’s be clear: drenched in re-sale fashion.

I spent the week in Portland, Oregon
at a Summit  of the Association for Resale Innovation,
a meeting of the industry leaders of the pre-loved clothing business.
It was amazing.
Progressive. Creative. Intelligent.

I am exceptionally excited for my next venture in life back into the re-sale clothing world.
In November, Second Glance will open it’s first Men’s clothing store: The Alley.
I encourage you to join myself and new faces at launch party events.
I will fill you in with the details later.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

There are two items which I am dying to share with you, which I very recently was made aware of:

1. Urban Outfitter’s Vintage Embroidered Cord Jacket

Fall Fashion

I believe that every man, woman, and child needs this item for their fall wardrobe.
For a mere $189 you are purchasing history.
This is resale fashion at its finest.
This recessionista is on board with the vintage-american look that UO has captured.
Cheers to them.

2. Campaign for Wool: Sheepish

Sheer genius? Entirely!
I adore everything about this Harrod’s sponsored video & concept.
Sheep are probably one of my favorite animals, and fashion my favorite hobby.
What a serendipitous match.

I was literally overjoyed when I heard Oregon designer Amanda Grisham,
(the emerging designer of Portland fashion week 2011),
explain that Pendleton brand wool is all the rage this fall & winter season.

Make sure to include wool in your fall and winter wardrobes.
Read more, here.


Until next time my friends,
reduce, reuse and resale. xox.